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Research interests


I am interested in problems in Differential Geometry. More precisely, I studied special geometric structures on solvmanifolds, in particular locally conformal Kahler or symplectic structures on solvmanifolds. I am also studying Nil-affine actions of solvable Lie groups. Currently, my work is devoted to understanding real nilpotent orbits of semisimple Lie group.

Currently, I am a Research Fellow of the School of Mathematics, Faculty of Science at Monash University in Melbourne, Australia.

Before that, I was a Post-Doc in the group of Algebraic Topology & Group Theory at KULeuven Kulak, Belgium. And previously, I was a Post-Doc in the Differential Geometry group at FaMAF (Universidad Nacional de Córdoba, Argentina).

I obtained my Ph.D. in March 2017 at FaMAF, under the supervision of Dr. Adrián Andrada, supported by CONICET.

This site pretend to show, who I am, and all the things in what I'm working currently. You can see my resume in the CV Tab, or my publication list, in the Research Tab.

If you need information about my work, please contact me; I'll be so glad to answer.

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